Repair Services

Here is an overview of our various repair services. To veiw images of past repairs click here.


Tore a bladder wide open? Not to worry! We use the highest quality bladder sealing techniques in the industry to create the strongest and longest lasting seals out there.


Got a leaky valve? We can stop any leak using our high quality adhesive, ensuring an air tight seal for sessions to come.

Leading Edges: 

It’s a disheartening feeling when your kite touches down on a stick or sharp rock and next thing you know you have an 8″ rupture in you leading edge. These are some of the most common damages seen here at A Flip Kite Repair and, as a result, are the fastest repairs to make. We use the highest strength Dacron and thread combination in the kiting industry to create an area stronger than before.


Landed in a tree? The damages to your kite can be sickening.  We have seen all shapes and sizes of canopy tears; if you can tear it we repair it!


Unequal line lengths, worn out center lines, or broken lines? Not to worry, we also do line sleaving and custom center line replacements.