Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “What is the estimated time on a repair once you have received my kite?”

A: This depends on how extensive the damages are to your kite. However, most repairs are completed within three days.

Q: “How do I send my kite in for repairs?”

A: Click the “Submit a Work Order” tab and fill out the required fields. Once you have submitted your work order you will receive instructions on sending your kite in for repair.

Q: “Is it OK to send my kite in for repairs wet or sandy?”

A: Costs will be greater due to the time it will take to clean and dry your kite, not to mention your shipping will be considerably higher due to added weight.

Q: “What is the best way to pay for repair services?”

A: The most preferred forms of payment are Cash but we accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Here at A Flip we do not expect payment until work is complete and an invoice has been sent to your email or you pick the kite up. If you prefer to pay with PayPal please let us know and a request will be sent to the email associated with your Paypal account. 

Q: “How much is it going to cost?”

A: Our general repair rate is $55 an hour. This includes materials for jobs that require sewing such as canopy and leading edge repairs. Bladders and valves costs are billed to customers. See our Pricing Guide page for more info. Contact us for a quote! 


For additional inquiries please Contact us!