Repair Services

Here is an overview of our various repair services

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Tore a bladder wide open? Not to worry! We use the highest quality bladder sealing techniques in the industry to create the strongest and longest lasting seals out there. If we can’t fix it, we can replace it! We have the capabilities to create or order custom bladders for your kite. Bladders that blow out around the seam usually need to be replaced. 


Got a leaky valve? We can stop any leak using our high-quality adhesive, ensuring an air-tight seal for sessions to come. We also have replacement stick-on valves for sale if you want to do it yourself. Check out some repair items for sale HERE. 

Leading Edges: 

It’s a disheartening feeling when your kite touches down on a stick or sharp rock and next thing you know you have an 8″ rupture in the leading edge. These are some of the most common damages seen here at A Flip Kite Repair and, as a result, are the fastest repairs to make. We use the highest strength Dacron and thread combination in the kiting industry to create an area stronger than before. We will get you sewn up and back on the water in no time. We have a special machine tuned just right to make these stitches just like the factory. 


Landed in a tree? Hit some sharp shells? The damages to your kite can be sickening.  We have seen all shapes and sizes of canopy tears; if you can tear it we repair it! Canopy repairs can often look way worse than they are. If they are not near a bladder or leading edge, then the cost to repair should be minimal. Contact us now for a quote! 


Unequal line lengths, worn out center lines, or broken lines? Not to worry, we also do line sleaving and custom center line replacements.

Ready for us to fix you up!? Bring your kite by the shop, give us a call or send it with your info and a description of the issue:

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