Testimonials from previous customers.



“Thanks again for your kind attention and professional job, you did on my kite!”




“I love it when my expectations are exceeded and that’s exactly what happened when I turned to Anthony for help with my damaged Naish Ride. After promptly returning my call, Anthony spoke with confidence and professionalism that put me at ease, and made an appointment to receive the kite at a time and location that were convenient for me. Much sooner than I would have expected, Anthony got in touch to let me know everything was fixed! He reported that damage had actually been more extensive than I realized. Someone less conscientious may have simply fixed the obvious problems and sent me on my way, which surely would have resulted in a lost session. I’m really grateful for Anthony’s attention to detail and pleasantly surprised that repair cost was still only the amount originally estimated, in spite of the additional work required.

After getting my hands on the kite, I was even more impressed. Anthony will tell you that he takes pride in his work, and my results exemplified it. The small, inconspicuous patches he applied to my leading edge look like they were put on at the factory. The stitching looks exactly like Naish’s and he did a great job matching the color too. He even rounded the corners of the patches in a fashion that brought Apple to mind! It’s as though my kite has a touch of extra character now. And, now that I’ve had a session on the repaired kite, I can report that it flies just like it did before and the leading edge was just as firm hours later as it was right after pumping. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with my experience with Anthony and can wholeheartedly recommend his services to others.”




“The leading edge of one of my larger kites had a terrible rip in it, so I sent it to Anthony and had it back in A+ condition in less then a week! The team at A Flip Kite Repair really knows, and cares about, what they are doing! I recommend them to anyone who needs to service one of their kites. I talked to Anthony on the phone and he really seems like a cool guy too! Really good experience and very fair pricing for what they did.”




“As a true craftsman Anthony provided a quality repair with a rapid response time. I love that my kite is back flying safely and looking like new.”




“Because Anthony is an accomplished rider, he understands the stress and dynamics the kite experiences. I am completely satisfied with my repairs and highly recommend him for any kite repair services!”

-Randall HQ power kites Rep



“Hey man, Just rode my 5.0 sail today that you repaired… it looks great! Thanks a million!”




“In the Spring of 2012, on only the third time out on the kite, we got a small tear in the canopy of our 17m Turbine. We also had friend whose bladder popped on his leading edge on his F1. We know Anthony well from kiting, and called him to see if he could do the repairs on both kites for us. 
We both live and work in Orlando so it’s difficult for us to get out to the beach. Anthony met us in a convenient location and took the kites from us. He gave us a very low cost estimate and asked when we needed the kites. Based on our response, he promised return within a week.

Anthony returned the kites to us as promised, for less than the amount he quoted us. He is courteous, professional, prompt, reliable and responsive. The repairs were substantially cheaper than those quoted by others for similar work, for equal quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anthony to anyone. In a recreational sport where some service professionals are slow to respond, Anthony’s professional attitude is refreshing and his costs are reasonable such that we will bring him all of our kites when needed.”

-Teri and Michael 



“I have had several kites repaired by Anthony and have been extremely pleased with the quality of his repairs. My first repair was a new Cabrinha Switchblade that was caught in a large wave and burst the leading edge. His repair was so good, it is almost un-noticeable. He even fixed the torn bladder!.  Most recently he completed a very technical repair on a Flysurfer Speed3. The repair required him to disassemble the kite section to repair torn internal support and re-assemble. The kite flies perfectly!  His attention to detail and pride of work is evident in every repair. The integrity of repair work is too important to trust to anyone else.”